House in Psychico, 2006
Athens, Greece

The house is situated in a residential area near the centre of the city, subjected to restrictions pertinent to the limited area of the site, the orientation and the programme. The uniformity of the plots in this neighbourhood results in houses of similar volumes, while the distances between them are the minimum allowed by the building regulations.

The cross-section of the house is resolved to allow for the sun to reach all main spaces, despite the close distance to the adjacent building. In its long side, the house follows a linear arrangement in plan and section, having on the north side the entrance and circulation spaces. A straight-flight staircase signifies the direct diagonal movement through the house, which connects functionally and visually all three levels.

On the south side, the living space on the ground floor extends through the whole length of the house having part of the ceiling raised in order to provide for a continuous opening to the south. On the first floor, right above the living space, lies a raised courtyard which occupies a third of the plan, creating an open-air space within the volume of the house.

The fact that uninterrupted spaces extend through the whole length of the house at different levels, transforms the street and garden elevations into expressions of the cross-section of the house. The linear openings on the elevations define multiple horizon lines, which dictate a viewing strategy towards the outside.

It was part of the initial concept of this house to accommodate the potential of a future change, towards a more public use. This parameter has been incorporated in the logic of the partitioning system, as well as in its total infrastructure.